For years we have worked towards the goal of reducing problems around all building.

Jenar Manufacturing Company Limited is a Ghanaian incorporated firm by the Registrar General's Department and Certified by the Ghana Standards Authority to manufacture and sell to the Ghanaian market and beyond the under listed products since 2008.

We specialize in the manufacture of refined finished water-resistant building materials of high quality and competitive price in the real estate and general building industry.


    To provide the best refined finished and high quality building materials to feed the Ghanaian local market and overseas; And to make the demand and order of our products through timely delivery system without compromising on quality and within budget.


To provide the choice products of refined finished building materials that are among the world's best; to feed the fast growing building and or real estate indstry.

  • Client Focus - to give our client the ultimate satisfaction in using our products.
  • Integrity - to introduce into the market of real estate industry a brand of choice by both qulity and price.
  • Teamwork - to corporate with staff and end users to continually upgrade our products for ultimate choice and usage.

    To be a leading manufacturer and distributor among the top ten industries in the refined finished building materials and provide solutions to foundation and roof leakage challenges in the building and real estate industry both national and international.

    In the near future, we hope to open offices and manufacturing points at very vantage locations for easy accessibility with focus on custmer satisfaction and uncompromised quality.

  • Jenar Tile Adhesive ( cement ).
  • Jenar Plastering Power.
  • Jenar Grout.
  • Jenar Siligard 2040W ( Liquid for Damp Proofing ).
  • Jenar B-Seal ( Injectable Chemical into Masonry to treat Rising Damp ).
  • Jenar Water-Proofing Cement.



- Laying of all kinds of tiles internal and external
- Swimming pool and wet areas tiling – water-resistant
- Laying of light-weight or aircrete blocks with the Jenar Tile Adhesive has been very effective and stronger bonding.


Jenar Plastering Power is a single part water resistant material suitable for plastering walls and floor screeding. It is a leveling compound which contains a blend of specially graded aggregates and EM700 addictive for smoothin and leveling uneven masonry surfaces. It can be said to be a premixed fine particle mortar bagged dried and ready to use by just adding the required amount of water only. Suitable for use over most rigid and stable mineral or cement based floor/wall substrates, hard adhesive residues, asphalt and timber.


- Water-Resistant
- The chemical presence of adhesive like particles makes it set in a reasonable time.
- Treated/smooth aggregate for smooth finish.
- Coverage area of 2-3m²
This is finishing product so we do not recommend for making or laying of blocks.

B-SEAL Cream/Silicon Injection for Rising Damp Treatment-

By far this has proven to be the most effective treatment for rising damps across the world by injection of this SPECIALLY DILUTED SILICON MICRO EMULSION (B-Seal) into the masonry to prevent Capillary action. Hydrophobization or otherwise the process of making existing structures to REPEL water by introduction of chemical. Rising Damp happens when moisture/water containing salt travels through building materials by Capillary Action then evaporates when it meets with the sun/heat. This appears on the surface or inside the blocks like Flour-Like Powder. This causes disintegration plastering/paints.


This product is unique in the market as a result of the following properties and economical cost on the Ghanaian market today.This is universally applied to varous tile categories known which includes porcelain, ceramics, polished, semi-polished, unpolished, mosaic tiles, etc.


- Water Resistant.
- Stronger Bonding.
- Reasonable setting or curing time, which allows for defects to be corrected in the course of laying tiles.
- No need of adding Cement/Additives.
- Coverage area approx. 2-3m².
- Storage is at normal room temperature. The shelf life of 18months from date of production.
- Finest Aggregate.
- Does not CONTRACT OR EXPAND when dried after application.
- Ability to regulate room temperature.
- Packaged in polythene.

B-SEAL Cream/Silicon Injection TREATMENT:

- The building is assessed thoroughly by our highly-trained team.
- The affected part is chiseled off to expose the blocks.
- If possible a measurement 30cm from the group is marked or first mortar line.
- 10cm intervals of holes are drilled into approx 70% of the mortar line.
- B-Seal Silicon chemical is then pumped into the holes.
- The injected holes are then sealed off.
- Jenar Plastering Power which is water/salt resistant is used to replaster the treated area.
- Painting is done when the surface is dried
- 10cm intervals of holes are drilled into the forms a barrier at 30cm from the base of the building and prevents further rise of moisture.
- Due to the barrier formed, the moisture above no more receives moisture and subsequently dries out while the chemical reacts at the base to nullify any salt and soil moisture chemicals.

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